2020 Political endorsements

U.S. Senate | Cal Cunningham

Governor | Roy Cooper

Lieutenant Governor | Yvonne Lewis Holley

Treasurer | Ronnie Chatterji 

Labor Commissioner | Jessica Holmes 

Eighth Congressional District | Patricia Timmons-Goodson    

Brian Farkas | State House District 9   

Adam Ericson | State House District 20  

Terence Everitt | State House District 35 

Sydney Batch | State House District 37 

Kimberly Hardy | State House District 43

Francess Jackson | State House District 45

Ricky Hurtado | State House District 63

Dan Besse | State House District 74

Christy Clark | State House District 98

Brandon Lofton | State House District 104

Donna Lake | State Senate District 7

Harper Peterson | State Senate District 9

Allen Wellons | State Senate District 11

Kirk deViere | State Senate District 19

Terri LeGrand | State Senate District 31





Governor: Roy Cooper
Lieutenant Governor: Yvonne Holley
Attorney General: Josh Stein
Auditor: Beth Wood
Commissioner of Agriculture: Jenna Wadsworth
Commissioner of Insurance: Wayne Goodwin
Commissioner of Labor: Jessica Holmes
Secretary of State: Elaine Marshall
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Jen Mangrum
Treasurer: Ronnie Chatterji


Supreme Court, Chief Justice: Cheri Beasley
Supreme Court, Seat 2 (Newby seat): Lucy Inman
Supreme Court, Seat 4 (Davis): Mark Davis
Court of Appeals, Seat 4 (Bryant): Tricia Shields
Court of Appeals, Seat 5 (McGee): Lora Cubbage
Court of Appeals, Seat 6 (Dillon): Gray Styers
Court of Appeals, Seat 7 (Young): Reuben Young
Court of Appeals, Seat 13 (Brook): Chris Brook

President and Vice President | Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

House, District 1: G.K Butterfield
House, District 2: Deborah Ross
House, District 4: David Price
House, District 6: Kathy Manning
House, District 8: Patricia Timmons-Goodson
House, District 9: Cynthia Wallace
House, District 11: Moe Davis
House, District 12: Alma Adams

U.S. Senate: Cal Cunningham

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